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What to expect with a Calf Brush

Rosy Lane Holsteins Video





The concept of a cow brush has been studied and validated by many universities. One key benefit is the increase in comfort and decrease in stress your animal obtains just by having access to a brush. Another benefit is the visibly improved cleanliness. So why is a brush important for your calves?

Check out the video to see what Rosy Lane has to say about their calf brush and the benefits they see.

“I see more social interaction among our calves since the FutureCow calf brush was installed, and it helps the calves shed their winter coats, keeps them a bit cleaner and more comfortable. Cleaner and healthier animals grow at a faster pace, which leads to higher productivity in the milking herd.”
Lloyd and Daphne Holterman
Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC
Loyd and Daphne Holterman, Rosy-Lane Hosteins, Watertown, WI