The FutureCow ComfortBrush is designed to groom and stimulate the cow creating a happier, healthier, and more productive environment. University studied & validated.

The FutureCow ComfortBrush – 360˚ of Comfort

The FutureCow ComfortBrush was designed with the highest standard of durability and cow comfort in mind. This ComfortBrush is now University tested and validated as not only useful, but also encouraged on a dairy farm.

The FutureCow ComfortBrush is easy to install. It has been proven effective at improving cow’s overall morale by creating a less stressful environment. The end results is that the cows are cleaner, happier, and more productive, making for a more successful dairy farm.

The Benefits:

The Brush
  • 2 year life span
  • High quality brush made with high-tech nylon co-polymer
  • Softer bristles do not irritate the delicate parts while more bristles provide a more thorough scratch
  • Brush can be flipped if wearing occurs on one side or the other
Patent Pending Omni Joint
  • Allows the ComfortBrush to swing as much as 45º vertically, while still allowing 360º horizontally
  • Allows cows to position brush for complete body coverage Intuitive Motion Sensor
  • The FutureCow ComfortBrush is the ONLY cow brush that automatically starts up when the cow comes in to view of the sensor
Stationary Motor and Gear Box
  • The ONLY cow brush that has a stationary motor and gear box, drastically reducing wear and tear
Soft Start Feature
  • The ComfortBrush ramps up slowly to optimal speed
Customizable Features
  • Reversing can be disabled
  • Overload can be customized for higher or lower sensitivity than programmed
  • Brush speed is adjustable
  • Voltage is based on dairy needs

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