The Future In Efficient Cow Prep Is Here

The patented FutureCow Prep System provides an extremely reliable and cost-effective way to wash, disinfect, stimulate, and dry the cows’ teats prior to milking. There are three guarantees with the FutureCow System.

1.  Consistent Cleaning Every Use

2.  Better Milk Quality Can Be Achieved

3.  Lower SCC and Mastitis Are Typical Results

Our goal is to help you strive for the best milk quality possible with the highest level of comfort for your animals, all while achieving the highest premiums available. Let FutureCow help you achieve even greater heights with your dairy.


Only FutureCow™ provides a unique disinfectant that provides precise and instant removal of contaminants on the teat without leaving any residue.


The FutureCow™ Prep System creates a consistent cleaning process in one easy step to help achieve cleaner, healthier cows every time.


The FutureCow™ Teatscrubber will enhance milk quality and improve udder health, all while increasing the dairy’s bottom line.

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