“The FutureCow™Teatscrubber is a great investment for any dairy farmer. It’s easy to work with, excellent for cow comfort and works better than the manual prep with let-down and stimulation. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”
Matt Beckerink, Dutch Road Dairy
“I have been in the dairy business 15 years, and the teat scrubber is hands down the best thing we have done in our parlor. Every part of our routine from stimulation, sanitation and efficiency works better with the scrubber. It is one of the few times where you can do a better job faster and at a lower cost.”
Dennis O’Hare, Schneider Farms
“Future cow is the future in prepping cows.
The Teatscrubbing system brings consistency to any parlor regardless of size.”
Dr. Andy Johnson, The Udder Doctor
“Prepping cows with the FutureCow Prep System accomplishes all of the necessary pre-milking procedures in one easy step. Cows receive a consistent prep procedure, no matter who is milking, and superior stimulation. Plus, dairy producers can potentially reduce labor costs and can certainly reduce operating costs by eliminating towels and laundry.”
Chad Buchanan, V.P. Sales and Marketing at GEA Farm Technologies
“The teat scrubbers have been an awesome addition to our milk quality program. The benefits are too numerous to list!”
Jenny Siemers, Siemers Holstein Farms